Maine's Affordable & Accessible Life Coaching Personal & Professional Solutions for Individuals and Businesses
Maine Coaching Solutions, LLC is the premier coaching firm for central and northern Maine, creating tailored solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

What Sets Maine Coaching Solutions Apart

Maine Coaching Solutions is the only local coaching organization that focuses on a whole-life systems approach, allowing us to be flexible in meeting each person or business’s needs.

Tailored individual <br>coaching

Tailored individual

MCS offers individual coaching in a private one-on-one setting that helps you identify your unique needs, set your specific goals, and work towards the life you want. We specialize in allowing the client to control the direction and pace of the coaching process.
Affordable & <br>Accessible

Affordable &

The most affordable coaching in central and northern Maine, with rates considerably below industry standards to remain accessible to locals and their families. Our rates are also extremely affordable for business consultation, course delivery, and executive coaching.
Over a decade of <br>experience

Over a decade of

The founder of MCS has over a decade of experience in management,, executive leadership, mentorship, personal and career coaching, wellness, and financial counseling. He is also a published author on the subjects of personal and professional development and business management.
We will travel <br>to you

We will travel
to you

No matter where you live in central and northern Maine, a coach can travel to you at a time convenient for your schedule, or we can perform coaching online through video chatting, as well as email or over the phone.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a powerful tool to help individuals define and create change, and to live more fulfilling lives. Any person who is willing to set goals and work towards those goals can benefit greatly from coaching, where the client is the expert on his or her talents, capabilities, and challenges. The coach’s role is to help the client make his or her own decisions and set reasonable goals, while our coaches provide guidance, support, and accountability.

More About Life Coaching
Life Coaching

Career Coaching

No matter what you do for a living, most of us spend more waking hours at work than at home. For that reason, your day job plays a significant role in your personal and financial wellbeing. You deserve a job that adds value to your life and is worth the time you put into it. Through career coaching, you benefit by finding ways to be better at work and better align the work you do with your other goals.

More About Career Coaching
Career Coaching

Financial Coaching

Financial literacy, the language of money, and understanding spending habits are topics not often taught, so many need assistance navigating the landscape of wealth, money, and debt management. Financial coaching involves personal financial assessment, goal setting, money and debt management, budgeting, and developing specific plans to meet a your personal financial goals.

More About Financial Coaching
Financial Coaching

Business Consulting

Business consulting and leadership development are not just for large organizations and big business. Small family businesses are the cornerstone of Maine’s economy, and coaching can be just as successful for them. If you want your to business to continue to grow, invest in business consulting, strategic planning, or professional mentoring. No matter what you do, or how big your organization is, MCS is ready to assist.

More About Business Consulting
Business Consulting

Workshops & Classes

Our training specialists and facilitators can create tailored courses for any organization, or can deliver training that has already been prepared and approved. From annual training requirements for all, courses for middle managers, or facilitated workshops for senior leadership, MCS is standing by to deliver, allowing middle and senior managers the time and flexibility to perform their primary duties.

More About Workshops / Classes
Workshops & Classes


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