About James

James Tinker left his home at the age of eighteen to join the Navy. Twenty-six years later, he has returned to share his experience and talent through Maine Coaching Solutions, LLC. A long and impressive military career has developed James into a mature leader, award-winning instructor, and confident public speaker.

James has nearly 20 years of experience in military management and leadership, including a decade of experience in executive leadership. He has also held valuable positions in:

  • Career, professional, and personal development
  • Career counseling
  • Professional mentoring
  • Financial counseling
  • Educational services, advising, and transcript review
  • Personal and organizational fitness
  • Wellness, stress control, and resilience programs
  • Drug and alcohol advising
  • Human resource management, organizational manning and planning
  • Personal and organizational training programs
  • Military medicine and operations
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Leadership and development specific for middle managers and executives
  • Morale, welfare, and quality of life programs
  • Equal opportunity, diversity, and organizational climate assessment
  • Community management
  • Program Management
  • Organizational process improvement and efficiency

In addition to his experience in both technical and trade writing and editing, James is a published author, keynote speaker, and Master Training Specialist. He holds a Masters Degree in Human Services Counseling and Life Coaching from Liberty University, a Bachelors Degree from Excelsior University, is a certified health and keto coach, and has a certificate from the Department of Labor in Career and Kindred Counseling.

From coaching individuals, leading organizations of hundreds, or leading a community of thousands, James’s experience makes Maine Coaching Solutions the right next step for whatever your goals may be.