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Business Consulting

Watch a great video about small businesses and growth HERE.

Common Themes in Consulting

Common themes for business consulting are employee retention, organizational climate, change management, or tackling specific issues specific to the business, its people, and its leadership.

Good for small, family business

Business consulting is not just for large organizations and big business. Small family businesses are the cornerstone of Maine’s economy, and coaching can be just as successful for them. Family businesses have unique challenges of dual relationships between family members and employees, as well as issues with work/life balance, time management and organization that can be discussed and improved through business coaching. If you want your business to continue to grow, invest in business consulting

Common themes for executive coaching.

Common themes in executive coaching involve employee engagement, professional communication, organizational relationships, work/life balance, stress or time management, organization, change planning and management, and career transitions.

Your source for leadership development

Many organizations promote their leaders from within, and a large part of that transition from management to leadership involves a change in the way a person thinks and communicates with the new role. These new leadership roles often require training so that a manager can become the most competent leader possible, which is the goal of executive development. Executive roles are demanding in ways that few understand before they find themselves in these roles, and even the most seasoned executive will benefit from coaching.

Start for Free

Business consulting and executive coaching starts with a free consultation to discuss business needs and challenges, and well as a discussion of the scope and type of coaching that will best fit your business needs.

Tailored coaching for your needs

Business coaching and executive consulting have the most variation in the duration since each business and its needs are different. Some goal-specific or family business coaching may only require six months, while coaching an organization through change can be a much longer process.

Affordable and Effective

Since we feel strongly that the best way to serve our local economy is to serve local small businesses, our coaching fee are drastically below industry standards so even the single-proprietor business can take part in the coaching process.

The initial consultation will always include an inclusive estimate based on services towards actionable goals instead of man-hours, allowing businesses to manage their expenses and ensure the most efficient use of your time.