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Career Coaching


There is no single formula for creating the right resume. Expectations vary by industry, organization, and even position. MCS offers an initial resume review as well as resume tailoring services if necessary for you to present the best possible resume for the job that’s right for you. The initial resume review is free. Contact us today to get started.

Career coaching can make all the difference

No matter what you do for a living, most of us spend more waking hours at work than at home. For that reason, your day job plays a significant role in your personal and financial wellbeing. You deserve a job that adds value to your life and is worth the time you put into it. Through career coaching, you benefit by finding ways to be better at work, and better align the work you do with your other goals.

Not just for executives

A common misperception is that career coaching is only for those wearing a suit and tie in white-collar office jobs. The truth is, everyone needs a job, and any job that is fulfilling can be a career to meet a person’s personal, professional, family, or financial goals. Also, almost every job deals with the same issues of growth, advancement, mentorship, and career development. These topics deserve attention regardless of the profession or trade a person is in.

Common themes for career coaching

Common themes for career coaching are work/life balance, time and stress management, effective communication, job satisfaction, career change and retirement, or to meet specific client-centered and job-centered goals.

Love what you do!

Job satisfaction is a complex issue that most of us don’t consider until we are unsatisfied with our work, which is far too late in the professional game. Career coaching is valuable at any time, and specifically when changing roles in an organization or changing jobs.

Start for free

Career coaching starts with a fee consultation to discuss a client’s current career, satisfaction, work/life balance, and personal or professional goals. Traditionally, coaching continues with monthly meetings for six months or until defined goals have been met.

Affordable to meet Maine needs

To remain accessible to locals in Maine, the cost of career coaching through MCS is considerably lower than industry standards and considered quite affordable. Costs and payment methods can be discussed during or after the free consultation when you decide coaching is right for you.

Flexible to meet your needs

Career coaching can happen anywhere, specifically in your own home, through the internet, or in our home office. Since coaching is primarily a private conversation between coach and client, the use of public venues is not recommended since it can be distracting and not make the best use of appointment time.

Not local? Not a problem!

If you don’t live in the Bangor area, don’t worry. Coaching is still available within reasonable travel distance throughout central and northern Maine, and available worldwide through the use of email and video conferencing, all at the standard pricing for Maine residents.