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Financial Coaching

Check out a great financial coaching video HERE.

The need for financial coaching

Financial literacy, the language of money, and understanding spending habits are topics not often taught, so many need assistance navigating the landscape of wealth, money, and debt management.

Common themes for financial coaching

A few of the common themes for financial coaching are basic money management, reducing debt, planning a major purchase, and aligning spending with priorities or goals.

Nothing to sell

Financial coaching does not allow us to act as brokers, sell you specific funds or financial products, act as financial advisors to build a portfolio, or provide debt consolidation services. Financial coaching involves financial goal setting, money and debt management, and developing specific plans to meet a client’s personal financial goals. When your goals include searching for further resources, we can provide guidance and referral.

Great for couples!

Financial stress is one of the leading burdens on couples, causing family frustration and often contributing to divorce and long-term unhappiness. We find that basic financial coaching specific for couples is the single best way we can reduce financial stress and improve communication for families. We recommend that couples attend basic financial assessments and planning together to ensure both members in a couple can contribute to the planning process that can bring years of success and harmony.

Not local? Not a problem!

If you don’t live in the Bangor area, don’t worry. Coaching is still available within reasonable travel distance throughout central and northern Maine, and available worldwide through the use of email and video conferencing, all at the standard pricing for Maine residents.

Financial solutions tailored to you

Depending on a client’s age, family, and employment, everyone’s financial situation is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to making financial decisions, which can make the guidance we get in the news and social media confusing or even harmful! Speaking with a financial coach can help us create a tailored financial solution to meet your specific goals for immediate change and long-term wealth.

Start for free

Financial coaching usually starts with a free consultation to talk about the client’s goals, current financial situation, and to decide if coaching is right for both parties. The next step, if you decide to continue, is a thorough financial assessment on debt, spending, and financial literacy to create a strong foundation to build upon.

Short-term plan, long-term success

Financial coaching usually consists of a 4-month program consisting of five meetings, with the option of regular quarterly updates to ensure progress and to re-evaluate goals as the client meets milestones.

Affordable to meet Maine needs

To remain accessible to locals in Maine, the cost of coaching through MCS is considerably lower than industry standards and considered quite affordable. Costs and payment methods can be discussed during or after the free consultation when you decide coaching is right for you.