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Life Coaching

Watch a great life coaching video HERE.

Unique and effective

Life coaching is unique in that it is an effective way to help individuals define and create change, and to live more fulfilling lives.

Common themes for life coaching

A few of the common themes for life coaching are time or stress management, managing change or life transitions, achieving specific personal or wellness goals, and defining purpose or priorities.

You’re the expert

In coaching, the client is the expert on his or her talents, capabilities, and challenges. The coach’s role is to help the client make his or her own decisions and set reasonable goals, while the coach provides guidance, support, and accountability.

Anyone can benefit!

Any person who wants to create or manage change in their lives and is willing to set goals and work towards those goals can benefit greatly from life coaching.

Life coaching can be particularly effective for young adults who are high school and college aged who are considering life changes, employment, and independent living.

Coaching for minors to reinforce school or guidance counseling can be arranged with parents or guardians after an initial free consultation.

Flexible to meet your needs

Life coaching can happen anywhere, specifically in your own home, through the internet, or in our home office. Since coaching is primarily a private conversation between coach and client, the use of public venues is not recommended since it can be distracting and not make the best use of appointment time.

Not local? Not a problem!

If you don’t live in the Bangor area, don’t worry. Coaching is still available within reasonable travel distance throughout central and northern Maine, and available worldwide through the use of email and video conferencing, all at the standard pricing for Maine residents.

Coaching solutions tailored to you

Often, life coaching includes a mix of personal, professional, and financial considerations for a well-rounded and satisfying life. If you aren’t sure about the type of coaching you need, don’t worry. A trained coach will help you define areas in your life that you want to consider improving, can provide options on types of coaching available, and can offer guidance on a coaching plan that has the largest impact on your goals.

Start for free

Coaching usually starts with a free consultation to talk about the client’s goals and questions, and to decide if coaching is right for both parties.

Short-term plan, long-term success

Life coaching usually consists of a 6-month plan, with one meeting per month to define and meet client-specific goals.

Affordable to meet Maine needs

To remain accessible to locals in Maine, the cost of coaching through MCS is considerably lower than industry standards and considered quite affordable. Costs and payment methods can be discussed during or after the free consultation when you decide coaching is right for you.