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Workshops & Classes

The effective solution

It is often more cost effective and beneficial for a trained instructor or facilitator to deliver content to an organization, allowing middle and senior managers the time and flexibility to perform their primary duties.

New tailored topics or standard content

Our training specialists and facilitators can created tailored courses for any organization, or can deliver training that has already been prepared and approved. From annual training requirements for all, courses for middle managers, or facilitated workshops for senior leadership, MCS is standing by to deliver.

Your business, your content

Some of the best courses come from the ideas, talent, and participation from those within a business. Once content has been developed and delivered, it remains the property of the business for future use, with or without further participation from MCS.

Popular topics include:

  • Employee retention
  • Organizational climate
  • Communication and conflict
  • Future wealth course
  • Basic employability
  • Equal opportunity and harassment policy
  • Stress reduction and resilience
  • Work/Life balance
  • Employee benefits briefs
  • Organizational safety and risk management
  • Transition workshops
  • Policy updates
  • Managing organizational change

Start now for free

The process to develop and/or deliver content starts with a free consultation to discuss the topic, content, delivery methods, target audience, and organization’s needs.

Affordable and Effective

Since we feel strongly that the best way to serve our local economy is to serve local small businesses, our teaching and facilitation fees are drastically below industry standards so even the smallest business can benefit from expert-level content delivery.

The initial consultation will always include an inclusive estimate based on services towards content development and delivery instead of man-hours, allowing businesses to manage their expenses and ensure the most efficient use of your time.